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Our Services

Planning for a Powerful Future

Strategic Mappin


"[We] bring order and structure to complex situations"

Mapping Out Your Needs

Are you just getting by? Do you need a clear plan but can't find the time to craft one? Are you struggling to see the big picture? 

We can help. Hope Community Solutions (HCS) can bring order and structure to the most complex and even chaotic situations. 

We specialize in mapping out a nonprofit's services and identifying core competencies, as well as laying out organizational structure and overlaying the financials. These approaches can both assist an organization in determining their greatest needs or build a clear road map to attain sustainable growth. 

Mapping with small businesses can identify areas of weakness or opportunities for expansion. Ready to find out whether your business or nonprofit could benefit from strategic mapping or other services? Make an appointment today.

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We like to help our clients find order and structure out of what can seem like the chaos of the day-to-day. Methods like mind mapping or other visuals are used to bring clarity to your organizations' development, structure, internal process, or other needs. 



"We build custom marketing solutions" 

As you already know, there are multitudes of different tools available to drive awareness for your organization and communicate what you offer to your community. 

We provide anything from content, social media calendars, brochures, and websites to videos, podcast production, and marketing campaigns. Check out our list of solutions below: ​​

  • Marketing campaign design

  • Website  creation and framing

  • Brand and rebrand design and strategy

  • Logo design

  • Printed materials (brochures, info sheets, etc.)

  • Video creation

  • Podcasting recording and editing

  • TV production – direction, recording, editing

  • Content creation

  • Business cards

Marketing Solutions


A combined mix of marketing tools is often required to receive the most return for your efforts, as clients or customers often visit a variety of places and platforms each day.


We build custom marketing solutions so our clients can leverage the right tools for their specific needs. 

Marketing Solutions
Solution Consulting


What's your Nonprofit GPA™?

Are you facing a big problem that you can't seem to solve on your own? We will work with you to find the right solution. 

When it comes to nonprofits, it's common to find that the passionate founder or Executive Director is not a skilled administrator or business strategist—and that is OK! We need these spirited individuals to lead vision and improve programming. However, long-term sustainable growth requires a set group of elements that act as foundational blocks for any nonprofit to get to the next level. We call this our Nonprofit Growth Preparedness Assessment™, or Nonprofit GPA™.  

Building a business is never easy, but many have gone before, and we can always learn from the past. That's why we've created a Business Development Process to help you see where you currently are and better grasp where you can go. This is particularly helpful for new or young small businesses. Find out more to the right.

Custom Solutions


If you have any kind of nonprofit or small business problem that is keeping you up at night we are happy to help you develop a solution whether it's with us or we recommend another service. We give FREE 30 min consultations and can provide our two cents to see if we are the solution for you or not. Schedule an appointment today by clicking below.



" the beginning, every penny counts".

How do you start a small business?  What will you need to be a successful nonprofit? What are the key elements to avoid when you’re doing all the legwork yourself?

These questions have been answered hundreds of times in a variety of different ways. We've applied the most common solutions in easy to follow steps and charts so that you can get to work building a successful business or nonprofit.


At HCS, we’ve been serving nonprofits and small businesses for decades. We know that in the beginning, every penny counts, and we’re dedicated to giving you access to the right tools to be your best.


With that in mind, we’ve created a way to share our knowledge with you at a fraction of our regular costs, giving you the ability to start off on the right foot.


Online Learning

We now offer online tutorials or webinars for you to access at your leisure. These lessons will help you understand the basics of what you need to run a successful business or nonprofit. Check them out!

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