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About Us

We create solutions and tools that provide the efficiency, sustainability, and longevity nonprofits and small businesses need to effectively serve their communities. Find out more below.

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We create solutions and tools that provide the efficiency, sustainability, and longevity small businesses and nonprofits need to serve their communities effectively.

We do this by developing strategic assessments, organizational development, operational process development, marketing campaigns, branding, content, and marketing tools.

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We dream of thriving communities of small businesses and nonprofits, each providing a strong future for multiple generations of families to fulfill their life’s purpose.

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We value relationships, connecting with our communities, and working together to serve others.


We promote honesty, integrity, and respect for the unique individuals we are all created to be.


We know that we all benefit from vibrant communities that fill the needs of community members.


We believe that the strategies and tools we use can be aligned with our values as we represent God’s love in promoting the good of others.

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Community Team


Dena Stahlheber, CEO



Hope Community Solutions works collaboratively with other contractors, businesses, and organizations to provide you with the services you need for your business or nonprofit. Get to know a few of our partners below!


Caleb Saller, Intern

Sarah Fleming, Graphics

President & CEO

Dena has a Master's degree in business administration and over 20 years’ experience working with both business and nonprofit organizations. Her French major comes in handy as she quickly learns the language of each organization’s culture in order to execute clear communications to a variety of audiences. She is a systems thinker, sifting through the many layers and links of complex problems in order to outline them in clear, easy-to-understand solutions.


Dena’s big picture thinking has helped many businesses, nonprofits, ministries, and churches to build firm foundations and strong infrastructures for sustainable growth. She provides each organization with the various tools they need to promote their business and/or increase sales. In addition, Dena is a seasoned facilitator with a passion for the arts and writing. You can find some of her books on Amazon.

Community Partners

Sarah Fleming is a hard-working mom and creative artist. She runs her own business and partners with Hope Community Solutions often for creative projects. We’re delighted that we can offer her art to our clients. Thank you, Sarah! 

Caleb Saller is our first intern. He is a college student studying marketing and social media. This summer he used his skills to learn and experience the ever-changing field of social media. Thank you, Caleb, for your help this summer! 

Caleb share's his experience as an intern at HCS:

"Working at Hope Community Solutions has been a blessing this summer. Having a hands-on internship after my freshman year of college has been incredible and I am immensely thankful for Dena. She brought me under her wing and treated me as one of her fellow co-workers and pushed me to learn and become better. I learned so much from this internship. I now know how to post ads on Facebook and LinkedIn, schedule posts from a third party, optimize a website’s SEO, target specific groups of people, understand, explain, and interpret ad metrics, and so much more. Thank you for investing and believing in me. The benefits of this internship are priceless and I cannot wait to see where my next steps take me."

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