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Is your nonprofit on the cusp of growth? Or are you starting a nonprofit and want to know what you’ll need to build as you develop?


Then you could benefit from my Nonprofit Growth Preparedness Assessment™ or what I like to call the Nonprofit GPA™.


This assessment will help you understand what you need to build or position your nonprofit for sustainable growth.

Watch the video below to find out more:

What's your nonprofit's GPA?

This Nonprofit Growth Preparedness Assessment™ will help you know if your organization is ready for the next level of growth and funding. We offer three ways for you to engage with this helpful tool.

1 - Take the assessment for yourself and see your score.

2 - Check out our Nonprofit GPA™ tools to help you increase your score. 

3 - Request a custom assessment and let HCS create the custom tools to help your organization get to a 4.0. 

Any way you do it will get you one step closer to a strong foundation for growth. Start by taking the assessment for yourself by clicking the button below.

The Nonprofit Growth Preparedness Assessment attempts to outline the key areas that a nonprofit organization should be working towards in order to be in a prime position to get to the next level of funding.

  1. Sound organizational structure

  2. Strategic planning

  3. Robust financials

  4. Responsible use of funds/sustainable practices

  5. Good standing (compliant with state and IRS requirements)

  6. Proactive community connections

Each of these sections is critical to engage large donors, foundations, and larger grant applications. The more of the items you have on the Nonprofit GPA™ checklist, the higher your score. Want to see how you measure up?


Take the Nonprofit GPA™ today to find out. Click the button below to begin. 

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