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Nonprofit GPA™
Terms & Conditions

Updated July 2021



Hope Community Solutions, Inc. (HCS) is the owner of Nonprofit Growth Preparedness Assessment™ (Nonprofit GPA). We are happy to offer this free assessment to the general public but in return, collect certain information to help us understand our clientele and improve the overall assessment.


Anyone using this assessment is referred to as the “client”. The Nonprofit GPA may be referenced as “the assessment”.


It’s important to us that we respect your privacy and information. Please note that by proceeding with this assessment and clicking the “submit” button, you agree to the terms and conditions noted below.


Information we collect

For purposes of this assessment specifically, we will collect your email address. By submitting responses to this assessment form, you agree to give us your email for purposes of emailing you updates about our services, updates about your score, or other information HCS may provide. You can opt out of any of these communications by clicking “unsubscribe” at any time.


The answers you provide to these questions will be pulled together in aggregate and will NEVER be used with your personal email address publicly. We will use the data internally to help us improve our assessment or to advise our clients on the analysis of the aggregated information.


If you have any reservations, please do not click the “submit” button on the form and we will not collect your responses or email.


Third party vendors

To create this form, we use a third-party vendor called “JotForm”. If you have any issues or concerns with this application you agree that you will not hold Hope Community Solutions liable for any concerns related to the Jotform application and their use of your information.


We do not have any control over how JotForm uses any information you provide through the use of this service. If you have any concerns please visit their privacy policy page  or terms of use page


We do not knowingly give your personal information to any other third-party vendors in reference to this assessment.




If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at Thank you.

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