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Terms of Service

By signing up for the Hope Community Solutions (HCS) newsletter, a brand of Hope Hubz, Inc, you agree to the following terms of use:


We use a third-party app called Powr which enables us to integrate Mailchimp for purposes of sending out our newsletter. To find out more about this third-party app and how it may use information check out Powr’s privacy policy here And for more information on Powr’s terms of service click this link


By signing up for the HCS newsletter emails you indicate that you are aware of what this third-party app is doing and will not hold HCS liable for anything that occurs because of the use of this third-party app, Powr.


This newsletter is also all part of the Wix platform and its app-market-terms which can be viewed here:


At HCS we use MailChimp to send most of our communications which has its own terms and conditions which can be viewed here:


We cannot be held liable if any of the above links or terms change without our notice. Please know you can always do a search on Google or Bing to find the terms and conditions of most companies.


By sending us your email you agree to hold HCS exempt from any liability, negligence, misuse, or malfeasance on the part of Powr, Wix, or Mailchimp companies.


At Hope Hubz/Hope Community Solutions, we will not share any of your information outside of contacting you as you have signed up for by submitting your email.


By clicking submit, you agree not to hold us liable as noted above or for anything that may happen with these third-party vendors or outside of our immediate control.


If you do not agree with these terms, please do not submit your email address to us. You are free to unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time. If you have any questions contact us here.


Thank you!

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