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Efficiency | Sustainability | Longevity

Serving nonprofits and small businesses four different ways:




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What's New

Does your nonprofit need the next level of funding or want to start preparing for growth? The Nonprofit Growth Preparedness Assessment™ or Nonprofit GPA™  can help you develop what you need to ask for larger dollars and provide goals to grow your organization. Click on the video or the button below to find out more.

Nonprofit GPA
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At Hope Community Solutions, we take chaos and bring order. We take the mess and make it beautiful.


We provide the tools that enable businesses and nonprofits to become efficient and sustainable with the longevity to continue their good works in our communities. 

Need to get organized? We can help.

Find out what drives our passion for nonprofits and small businesses by clicking below:

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We love what we do because we all benefit when our communities are vibrant and serving each other. HCS offers a variety of services for your nonprofit or small business. Click the links below for a glimpse of our custom marketing solutions.

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We celebrate both existing and former clients because your success is our primary goal. We’re proud to partner with amazing organizations serving their communities. Check out what these organizations are doing by clicking a logo below.

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